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Website Design Services In Oklahoma City

You have a fantastic range of effective PPC campaigns, and you’re trying to get your website higher in the search engine rankings for relevant keywords. This is great news…but is your website ready to handle the increased demand? We don’t just mean in terms of hosting and page loading speeds, but the whole web design. If your website isn’t up to scratch, even the most effective marketing strategy will fail. 

Importance of Your Website in Oklahoma City

Why is your website so important? Why should you consider hiring a website design company in OKC? For one thing, your website is the central hub of your online presence. It’s where people go to learn more about your products and services, after clicking on an ad, after searching relevant keywords, on search engines, from social media, and more. 

Whether somebody is in the early stages of the buying process or ready to make a decision, you want them to click on your website and explore your content. If your website doesn’t accommodate them very well, they will simply click away. This is a problem because you lose a potential sale to a competitor. Shouldn’t we do everything we can to keep people engaged and coming back rather than sending them away?

Web design companies in Oklahoma City strive to create excellent websites for clients, and Fylo is no exception. We consider your industry, goals, and purpose before designing a website that will help your business to succeed. With the right tools, resources, skills, and experience, you will have a website that combines style and functionality for the betterment of your business (and customers!).


Unimaginable Results

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Common Problems with Websites

Have you ever clicked away from a website instantly? If so, you aren’t alone. The idea with website design services in Oklahoma City is to ensure that people don’t do this to your own website. But what are some common problems that cause people to click away quickly from a website?

Poor Loading Speeds

Attention spans are wavering online, and this is especially true considering that we can just go back and click or tap on another website within seconds. If your pages load slowly, you’re inviting people to click away. This has a double effect - you lose visitors, and the high bounce rate tells search engines that your website isn’t up to scratch.

Poor Design

Since this is a vast field, a poor design could mean poor use of colors (are you blinding people with neon yellow as soon as they land on your website?), a lack of structure, and more. Perhaps there is no rhyme or reason to the sections of your website and this causes confusion.

Poor Navigation

Just as we saw with loading speeds, problematic navigation has a double effect on your website. Visitors get frustrated so click away, and this sends a message to search engines not to recommend your website. If people have trouble navigating your website, they will click away (people want an easy life on the internet!).

Poor Content

As a final example, we see websites with poor content constantly as an Oklahoma City web design agency. These days, you can’t get away with articles that are riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. What’s more, you can’t fill your content with keywords because this is known to generate penalties with search engines.

Do you have any of these problems with your website? Work with a website design company in OKC like Fylo and receive a free website audit. After analyzing your website, we’ll tell you what works, what doesn’t, and what we can do to improve the design of your website. Overcome these common problems and create a website that welcomes visitors and engages them this year. 

Benefits of Outsourcing to Fylo

With a whole range of website design services in Oklahoma City, we can develop a website that helps you achieve your marketing goals. When people visit your website from an ad, they will stick around and explore more than one page. When they click from search engines with buying intent, visitors will be more likely to purchase from your brand. 

Ultimately, we create a website that blends style with function. Whether this means starting from scratch or optimizing your existing website, we’ll improve loading speeds, make your website mobile-friendly, and ensure that it meets the requirements of the search engines. 

Designed using Webflow or WordPress, your website will go through regular updates and we’re always at the end of a phone call or email if you have any questions. While some clients choose us to design their site alone, others hire us for their whole digital marketing strategy. If the latter, we can continually improve your website and ensure that it meets your needs as the business grows.

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