Search Engine Optimization Services

Are you a small business owner who wants to increase traffic to your website? Well, SEO is the answer. It's an important process that improves your business’ visibility across the web and increases your ranking in search engines, like Google, by optimizing your content on and off your website.

Choosing to invest in SEO allows your business to see an increase in website visitors, obtain better-informed leads, and find your business ranked higher in search engines in multiple industry categories and search queries.

With a lot of trial & error, hard work, and time, you are capable of implementing SEO practices in your business. We even have a resource library to help you get started. But our passionate team at Fylo loves working with small businesses like yours, using our expertise to walk you through the process of obtaining the traffic your business needs and deserves.

Increase Your Leads with a partner who wants to See You Win.

FYLO makes SEO work for you

SEO is an investment in an inbound solution that, when done right, can work for you in your lead generation, for years to come. As competition online increases, your best bet to being found with SEO is taking advantage of a more technical approach to optimizing your content, so you can improve your website’s ranking, attract more qualified leads, and convert your leads into loyal customers.

Your ideal customers are out there online, waiting to be found. Fylo wants to help you catch their scent, grab their attention, and lead them back to you.

What is SEO, really?

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the process for optimizing the content on and off (social media, review sites, etc.) your website to help your business find favor with search engines so you can, ideally, end up at the top of the Page 1 search results.

But it’s a lot more technical than the definition leads to believe. We have plenty of resources that help you begin your self-education on how SEO works and why it’s so important to your business success.

But, only the Big Guys reach Page 1 on Google, right?

Little guys can dominate search results too with the right strategy. Not the fastest or most expensive strategy. The strategy. 

Is your target market local or global? Is your competition fortune 500 or another small business? Regardless of your target market or the size of your competition, SEO can work for you. 

With extensive research, optimization, and patience, a customized SEO strategy tailored to your business and industry can lead you to feel like a goliath when you see your company reach page one on Google.

Why SEO is so hard to get right?

Surface-level SEO. This practice is costing too many companies opportunities to improve their online visibility and increase sales of their products and services. Keywords and content are a great starting point, but it’s only scratching the surface. 

SEO can be used to evaluate and optimize your site speeds, backlinks, HTTP status codes, redirects, URL structure, offsite SEO needs, and more! SEO is an amazing growth tool and should be used for all it’s worth so you can see maximum growth in your business.

A Computer Science Degree for SEO?

Maybe it’s not necessary, but it definitely helps. A greater understanding of how search engines and websites work and communicate allows us to bury the competition and see our partners win. The little things that casual SEO “experts” overlook can be the invisible roadblock that is holding you back from generating more traffic for your business. 

Our expertise allows us to identify and run through your SEO roadblocks to open up new avenues of traffic and revenue for your business.

Your Business is failing in SEO because:

  • You are out of touch with what your target customers are actually searching for online
  • Not providing answers to the most frequently asked questions from your potential customers
  • Your website’s slow speed and confusing navigation aren’t creating a welcoming environment
  • Even though you are using keywords, you are using the wrong keywords. Not speaking the language of your customers.
  • Duplicate content, inappropriate header usage, broken links, and more…

Good SEO Practices can solve all of these issues and:

  • Increase your organic reach will bring in qualified and consistent leads
  • Create a user experience both on and offsite that you will be proud of
  • Increase the relevancy, authority, and awareness of your brand
  • Cut down on your need for paid traffic
  • And more…

Unimaginable Results

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Partnering with FYLO is as simple as 1,2,3!

3 Easy Steps To Freeing Your Business Online

Free Site Analysis and Rankings Evaluation

This is the getting to know you stage and it benefits both of us. You get your first view of how our technical expertise benefits market research and optimization.
We get to learn what’s working and isn’t working in your marketing, so we can deliver a detailed digital marketing plan to help increase the quality and quantity of your web traffic

Finalize Pricing

At other agencies, you have to talk to an account executive before you even get a hint of the cost of their service. At FYLO, our pricing options aren’t a secret. You can scroll below now and see how much you need to budget for your customized marketing plan. 
After the evaluation of your marketing needs, we further define your cost so that we can make sure you are within budget and putting every dollar to great use.

Project Onboarding

After you agree that FYLO is your ideal partner in your search to generate more leads & more revenue, and a solid strategy is in place: It’s time to get to work! We gain access to the important systems in your business including site access, hosting, domains, and other necessary channels in order for us to be a truly invested partner in seeing your business experience organic growth.

We Have A Plan That’s Right For Your Budget

Just as no two businesses have the same organizational goals, no two businesses have the same marketing needs. This is why FYLO always provides a customized solution. No one-size-fits-all, template approach to serving our partners.

But…nobody likes surprises when it comes to money. You are getting ready to make an investment in the long-term growth of your company. A big decision. And you deserve to know what your full investment will look like. While every project is different, here is the range you can expect to invest when working with FYLO.

Learn more
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$50/ month

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$75/ month

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$100/ month

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